How to Play Eskimo Bingo


All participating players are encouraged to bring a wrapped gift of small value. For example, socks, candy, gag gifts, etc. All players sit in a circle on the floor (or table) and gifts are placed in the center. A timer is set for 7 minutes.

Object of Game:

The object of the game is to gain as many gifts as you can before time runs out.

How to Play:

The way to win gifts is by rolling two dice into a bucket and rolling doubles. If you don’t roll a double on your turn, your turn has ended and you must pass your bucket to your neighbor. If you do roll doubles, you can grab a gift from the middle of the circle and keep it by you. Players who roll doubles also gain an extra turn. Buckets are passed from player to player in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction in the circle. Please be courteous and move through your turn as quickly as possible in that this game is a race against time for every player! Once every gift is taken from the middle of the circle, players may begin stealing gifts from other players after rolling doubles. Players may continue to steal gifts until the timer runs out. Once the timer has ended, all rolling of the dice must stop and whatever gifts each player has won is theirs to keep.