A Rupture of Stock

“Are you out of gloves?” I asked the woman responsible for supplying the hospital with necessary supplies such as these. I happened to be in CHU Fez, helping her sort out items recently donated by Gateway Medical Alliance.

“There has been a rupture of stock. The company that supplies gloves to us receives them from out of the country, and they are not available. The stock the company has is not sufficient, and so they are rationing the supplies… They have put us off another three days until we get our next ration of gloves.”

“We have many boxes of gloves that came in the last donation, being stored in the hospital’s depot,” I noted. She gladly acknowledged this fact.

Our donations of supplies help in situations just like this, in four hospitals in Morocco.

Next time you are at the doctor’s office or hospital and you are being handled with sanitary gloves, be grateful, just as people here in Morocco are thankful because of the help coming from folks back home like you.

…Gloves, anyone?

Submitted by James Scott
GMA Maroc Distribution