Brain Surgery?! Not on My Bucket List!

One of our partners, Bruce Hein, was in Cambodia a few months ago shortly after local medical teams received a container from Gateway Medical Alliance. Bruce was in the hospital speaking with the deputy director, Dr Sophy, and a medical team.

They excitedly told Bruce to follow them, while handing him a gown and gloves. He gowned up and they took him into a functioning operating room.

"All of these things were donated by Gateway Medical Alliance!" they said. Bruce looked around the room and saw that he was surrounded by an IV pole, a crash cart, lights, drapes, gloves, surgical tools and much more.

Not only was the operating room sufficiently equipped, they had pulled him in during an operation! Bruce stood in the room wearing flip flops and scrubs while a person had brain surgery. "That was not on my bucket list!"

Dr Sophy told him that the patients in the area would surely die without the operations they were performing. They had a 97.5% survival rate and 95% of those patients were fully recovered within 3 months.

Bruce had the opportunity to see firsthand how the supplies and equipment were helping the doctors save lives. This is just one example of the how Gateway Medical Alliance is meeting the medical needs of the poor and disadvantaged around the world.