GMA’s partners operate a number of physical therapy centers in various parts of the country.

Each one is run independently and operated in collaboration with local agencies or associations, with a focus on providing physical therapy for people with handicaps, particularly children.  These permanent centers are run by long-term staff members.

To set up a new therapy center, GMA first enters into a collaboration agreement with a local association. Together, GMA and the local association search for a suitable location for the center and complete any renovations necessary to make it hospitable to the children and their parents. We locate and install required equipment, and hire and train qualified Moroccans to perform the physical therapy that each child needs.  A certified or degreed therapist is on staff so the other staff members can continue learning and take each child as far as possible in his or her treatment. 

The centers benefit children and families who would not otherwise have access to physical therapy for conditions such as broken bones, birth defects and degenerative disorders.   Staff members at the centers often see encouraging results early in the treatment process as patients exercise and learn new movements.  Parents are also involved in the therapy process so treatment can continue at home to prevent regression and promote further improvement. Children and families are treated with respect and shown their own value while at the center. They recognize that the staff’s desire is that each one will be able to develop to his or her full potential.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Children's Therapy Center - Al Hoceima, Morocco

Children under the age of thirteen with disabilities receive individualized therapy on an outpatient basis; family members are instructed on how to perform therapy techniques in their homes to optimize results; children are specially  fitted with wheelchairs, braces and other assistive devices which help to prevent further deformities and encourage mobility.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Hope Children's Therapy Center - Safi, Morocco

A therapy center for children with physical handicaps that integrates their families in the therapy.


Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

New Day Center - Larache, Morocco

The objective of the Larache Center is to train mothers and fathers in the basic technique of “intelligent play” to help their children increase in mobility and education.



The Center of Life - Nador, Morocco

The Center of Life exists to care for handicapped children and their families in the region of Nador through physical development exercises, education, and providing a life-giving atmosphere for families to come alongside one another.

Children's Therapy Support

GMA has worked in partnership with Association Mobilite pour Tous (AMT) Fes by doing assembly, maintenance and repair of therapy equipment, consultation, and  fitting of equipment for children and adults. GMA therapy equipment consultation,  fitting, delivery, and repair services continue as a part of serving the remote GMA Therapy Centers as well as other Moroccan associations.