Rural Area Community Development

The Rural Area Community Development Project began in the fall of 2008 with a team of five GMA experienced healthcare and administrative workers.  The GMA team, in combination with Moroccan associations, works in villages in a number of provinces in central Morocco. 

The development project involves:

Health Education Lessons – Training women about illness prevention and other health issues, as well as how to teach other women in the community.

Literacy Classes – Working with existing programs through the Ministry of Education to help recruit teachers and set up classes both for men and women.

Education – Providing support, training and practical materials to help teachers and directors of rural schools.

Parent Associations – Forming parent associations to encourage greater parental involvement in children’s education, reinforcing what children learn in school and improving their chances for success.

Income Generating Activities – Helping women adapt their traditional skills to the modern marketplace.

Training in Community Transformation – Partnering with local associations to promote positive changes in their communities.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Demnate, Morocco

As part of a local handicap center (Association Attadamoun Pour les Handicapes) we provide therapy to disabled children. Family members come weekly with their children and are shown how to daily exercise with their children at home. We do home visits and try to provide equipment that can help the children.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku


Almis de Guigou

A prototype (40 sq. meters) of a straw bale-insulated home to demonstrate easily reproducible, more sustainable construction and heating alternatives. An interactive learning experience for student groups and visitors from the region, the center will be managed by community partners who participated in its construction.


Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Photo Credit: dimnikolov


Almis de Guigou

This project serves to empower women to meet the needs of their community through presenting lessons to improve health and by assessing the needs of children and adults with disabilities in the community, incorporating the distribution of medical supplies as needed.




The Center of Life exists to care for handicapped children and their families in the region of Nador through physical development exercises, education, and providing a life-giving atmosphere for families to come alongside one another.

Children's Therapy Support

GMA has worked in partnership with Association Mobilite pour Tous (AMT) Fes by doing assembly, maintenance and repair of therapy equipment, consultation, and  fitting of equipment for children and adults. GMA therapy equipment consultation,  fitting, delivery, and repair services continue as a part of serving the remote GMA Therapy Centers as well as other Moroccan associations.