GMA’s humanitarian efforts began by shipping the first container of medical supplies and equipment to Morocco in 1997.  To this day, GMA recognizes this service as the cornerstone effort of its organization.

As of February 2016, 78 containers of medical supplies and equipment have been shipped.  The contents include basic hospital equipment, surgical instruments and consumable medical supplies. These materials support GMA projects and supplement the resources of clinics and hospitals.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of dedicated volunteers, GMA supporters meet weekly to sort and pack the donated medical supplies that are gleaned from hospitals, clinics, laboratories, medical supply companies and individuals throughout the Puget Sound region.  GMA is on target to ship an average of five containers per year.

Items received are carefully screened to make certain they are of suitable quality, shelf life and if they are, in fact, able to be used.  Items are then sorted and packed by category (i.e. pediatrics, cardiovascular, orthopedic) to allow for more seamless delivery and distribution in Morocco or around the world.

Once an adequate amount of goods have been received, a 40’ shipping container is packed and sent over the ocean to our partners around the world.  Upon arrival, the container is met with an enthusiastic “homecoming welcome.” Recipients and distribution teams gather around excitedly, eager to see what type of supplies have been sent!

Thanks to careful coordination and planning between the US and the consignee, each item is designated for delivery to a specific location or facility.  This ensures that each donated item will be used to its highest and best capacity, reaching those most in need.

GMA seeks to expand this activity and is always looking for new sources of donated medical supplies and equipment as well as funding to cover the handling, shipping and end-point distribution costs.