Children's Therapy

GMA’s partners operate a number of physical therapy centers in various parts of the country.  Each one is run independently and operated in collaboration with local agencies or associations, with a focus on providing physical therapy for people with handicaps, particularly children.  These permanent centers are run by long-term staff members.

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Community Development

The Rural Area Community Development Project began in the fall of 2008 with a team of five GMA experienced healthcare and administrative workers.  The GMA team, in combination with Moroccan associations, works in villages in a number of provinces in central Morocco. 

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Dar El Hanane

In the Daoudiate community of the ancient city of Marrakech, Morocco, GMA's office Dar al Hanane serves as the regional distribution hub and a dynamic community health education center.  Dar al Hanane is Arabic for Compassion House.  Distributions of medical supplies assist local associations in their efforts to bring greater flourishing to their neighborhoods.  Our community health education programs partner with individuals and associations to address a significant gap in local health knowledge by promoting family-centric adult learning on such quotidian topics as child nutrition, health relationships, cuts & wounds, and the common cold.

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