Gateway Medical Alliance receives unused medical surplus items from many medical facilities and medical donations from local families in the Puget South area. Volunteers assess the quality of these donations, inventory, and pack the supplies into boxes. These boxes, as well as a wide variety of hospital, physical therapy and mobility related equipment, fill the containers we send to many countries in need worldwide. GMA International raises the operational and ocean freight funds necessary to sort, pack, load, ship, and administrate the majority of the containers sent worldwide.

Children’s Therapy Centers

GMA’s partners operate a number of physical therapy centers in Morocco.  Each one is run independently and operated in collaboration with local agencies or associations, with a focus on providing physical therapy for people with handicaps, particularly children.  These permanent centers are run by long-term staff members.




Community Development 


Health education classes for women and children have been established throughout the different regions of Morocco.  


Agricultural development has launched a demonstration almond orchard and financed a water well.  A second project is demonstrating modern technology in planting grains to achieve higher crop yield.